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In France, almost a million people are treated with vitamin K antagonist (VKA) drugs as first-line prevention or treatment for thromboembolic disorders.

Finding the optimal dosage of these treatments is complex because of the large variation in responses to VKA doses depending on the individuals, as well as a high risk of drug and food interactions. Monthly biological monitoring by measurement of the INR (International Normalized Ratio) is therefore essential.

The current reference method involves measuring INR levels from a blood sample taken in a medical analysis laboratory. The results are then sent to the doctor, who adjusts the treatment. However, INR levels are out with the target range for over 50% of individuals.

Therefore, the aim of the INRADOM project was to use digital innovation to create a new, connected care pathway to enable simplified, reliable and rapid management of people on VKA.



Project coordination


Type of study

Interventional / Clinical investigation in the home

Multicentre trial

Sample size

200 patients

Study design

To achieve this objective, nurses visited the homes of people taking VKA with a LabPad®: a portable in vitro diagnostic medical device (IVDD) and Point of Care (connected directly to the medical biology laboratory’s information system.

The primary aim was to assess the impact of using LabPad® on management time.

IC@dom was commissioned to provide comprehensive support to the MEDICALPS teams at every stage of the clinical investigation:



règle juxtaposée d'un crayon

Project design and management

tableur avec checklist

Drafting the protocol

liste de tableur

Drafting the e-CRF (electronic case report form)

gear and

Project coordination


Statistical analysis of data


This study showed that use of the Labpad® reduced the median management time to 1 hour 53 minutes, compared with a median time of 3 hours 30 minutes for the reference management method.

graph result


Reduced the median management time


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