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Home-Care Bronchiectasis


In 2021, PhysioAssist launched a feasibility study for the implementation of SIMEOX®, a bronchial drainage device for home use by people with bronchiectasis who have difficulty (because of lack of time, geographical distance, limited availability of health professionals etc.) accessing usual respiratory physiotherapy services. The device is linked to telecare physiotherapy so that the individual can be trained in how to use SIMEOX® correctly and to help maintain their motivation.

The study should also allow the level of compliance at home to be evaluated.



Project coordination


Type of study

Medical devices study

Single-centre protocol

CHU de Grenoble, Toulouse et Nice

Sample size

22 participants

Study design

This feasibility and compliance study involved monitoring individuals at home for a period of 3 months. The aim was to determine the proportion of individuals who completed an average of at least 3 SIMEOX® sessions per week.

IC@dom was commissioned to provide comprehensive support to the PhysioAssist teams at every stage of the clinical investigation:

règle juxtaposée d'un crayon

Project design

work laptop

Coordination of physiotherapists and participants for the telecare

tableur avec checklist

Drafting the protocol


Statistical analysis of data

liste de tableur

Preparation of the e-CRF (electronic case report form)

main avec diamant

Promotion of results


The feasibility study revealed very high compliance with the SIMEOX® device by individuals, with a median score of 9.0 (7.9; 10.0) and a median frequency of use of 3.7 (1.8; 5.7) weekly sessions.

Following these encouraging results, PhysioAssist has launched the second stage of its clinical trial.

graph result


Median score


Median frequency of use


“The IC@dom CRO has expertise in clinical evaluation, particularly in the field of respiratory diseases. The team is proactive and highly competent: their advice and recommendations are always very relevant. We are delighted to be working with them.”

Laurent MORIN

Director of medical affairs – PhysioAssist

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